Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Get A Free Dinner with Every Book Review

Today I am launching an incredible new deal for anyone living in Berlin, Germany.

You buy my book on Amazon, review it and then post that review on Facebook, and I will come to your house and make dinner for you. No tricks, no gimmicks (other than the fact that the whole thing is a gimmick). The deal is open to anyone living in Berlin that can read, write and likes to eat food.

Buy it from here

You just have to contact me and show me the review and the copy of the book. You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter or by email, all info is over there on the right.

Once you verify the purchase and the review we can choose a day for me to show up and cook you dinner.

On the menu you have two options:

1) Roast Vegetables with Tomato Basil sauce on Cous Cous.

2) Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Satay sauce and fresh salad

Note I made the meals vegetarian to suit everyone, if you want some meat just ask.

Please post this everywhere. It is practically free food people !!!


  1. John Boy,
    Is the offer transferrable ?

    I have a friend living in Berlin who could benefit from the first and best review of your book that I have ever read.


  2. Yes Uncle,

    I can do that for that for you. Send me their details.